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Professional Gelcoat Repairs Without A Mess By John Gabriel
A Fiberglass Repair,Gelcoat Repair Instructional

A boat hull repair video to help those who want professional gelcoat spot repair or fiberglass repairs.

Learn premier, boat hull repair techniques with the correct materials to use, avoid auto bondo's, styrenes, wax additives or patch boosters. Have more gloss for a premium blend. Learn how to master flawless, gelcoat repair on your boat including, fiberglass repair to last.

Use the same knowledge, same mix and same materials for a complete over-all refinish by using a regular automotive spray gun instead of a preval sprayer.

Everything you need to know to accomplish first class, gelcoat repair and fiberglass repairs with no disasters or complications in just 1/2 hour, easy for anyone.

12 hours of gelcoat repair and fiberglass repair with years of experience summed up in just 32 min 38 sec. easy to understand, boat repair in full detail with different types of gelcoat repair methods.

Learn how to spray gelcoat using a preval sprayer or use an automotive spray gun.

Reference manual attached to the front cover highly detailed-12 page with pictures and full text to help guide you through spraying gelcoat over your scratches, chips, air voids or fiberglass repair. Use the material list inside the manual and bring it with you when purchasing the materials.

Tint guide included to help get you tinting gelcoat with confidence in no time.

Advance your knowledge and utilize the instructional by reading information on the tips page of this website for major boat hull repairs, or complete refinishing tips along with other important fiberglass and gelcoat repair information not described in the instructional. To fully understand fiberglass and gelcoat repair would take hours even days watching video, by following the Instructional carefully and reading the tips page takes away any guess work for all types of repair.
Fiberglass repairs are common with every boater. Why not learn how simple it is to do your own first class gelcoat repairs? In my video you will learn the best products to use for any fiberglass repair project. Want to avoid paying high marina costs or insurance deductibles? Learn gelcoat repair and be amazed of your boat hull repair accomplishments. Remember most of the fiberglass repair or gelcoat repair products can be found where you purchase Boat accessories. You can get started today!

I am John Gabriel, owner of Harrison Fiberglass Co. located in Harrison Twp. Michigan for over 20 years, now relocated to Cape Coral, Florida. Having nearly 30 years of boat repair experience working with fiberglass repair and gelcoat refinishing on a day to day basis, I have mastered the best gelcoat repair and fiberglass repair techniques available today. I specialize in fiberglass repair, gelcoat repair, reconstruction, custom hard tops, full enclosures and over-all gelcoat refinishing for an elite clientele. I have created this how-to boat repair video for people like you. My video holds an incredible amount of information in just 32 minutes and 38 seconds. Technical support is available for any, fiberglass repair project or gelcoat refinishing of any size.

Whether you are tackling your own boat hull repair or want to earn money with confidence, even learn new skills. Using this fiberglass repair and gelcoat repair instructional video you can surprise the most professional boat repair outfits in your area. This boat repair video has every tip you need for smooth, fiberglass repair and gelcoat repair. There are two separate materials and tools list for both gelcoat and fiberglass repair. It also includes gelcoat tinting instructions with the most common tints for a specific white, using professional gelcoat tints from your local fiberglass supplier as shown in color photos, it will have you tinting with confidence in no time.

After a full breifing on all tools and materials, although very few tools are needed for gelcoat repair, fiberglass repair or gelcoat refinishing, this boat repair instruction video will show you step by step how to complete any repair. It holds a priceless amount of information at a very affordable price, and remember quality fiberglass supplies are key to successful fiberglass repairs. Learn the secrets for boat hull repair that only a few know and don't want to give up.

Gelcoat and fiberglass repair can be a messy job and if not done properly can cause even more damage to the repair area, making the job much more work to achieve a quality repair . The gelcoat repair techniques that I used in my boat repair instruction video guarantee all my customers and I a perfect job every time - from every angle as long as you own the vessel. And to receive a boat repair like that it would cost you dearly, as you may already know between $75 and $110 per hour for any type of boat repair. With the right knowledge and a little money to set up your own toolbox for gelcoat or fiberglass repairs, you could be set up to fix all types of boat hull damage.

Working 12 hours on the most common types of both fiberglass repairs and gelcoat repairs, filming and editing myself with no deadline, I was able to edit exactly what I wanted and then, add to the video as the year went on, resulting in a boat repair video that explains exactly everything I do with my fiberglass or gelcoat repairs in the shortest time possible. With a full introduction on all fiberglass supplies and how they work, making your boat hull repair less complicated.

You will learn that gelcoat repair is somewhat scientific with the different additives and reducers that can react with it, and if certain ones are mixed with others it can counteract the hardening process causing gelcoat to never harden thoroughly or never shine properly from being too porous and may break down with solvents at any given time leaving you a poor gelcoat repair. I have started an information website for you to learn more about fiberglass repair and fiberglass repair products and how they work, also where to purchase them as some may be hard to find in your area. A complete material list with the name of the product inside the manual to locate the exact materials you need when doing, fiberglass repair or go to the links page on this site to order your, fiberglass supplies. All of this has resulted in a boat repair video for those who want only 5 star quality fiberglass repair and gelcoat repair - period! Be sure to checkout gelcoat scratch repair information and tips about gelcoat repair methods to avoid and fiberglass repair information.



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